The “right” time to start something new

The best time to start anything is now! Stop making excuses and telling yourself you will do something when the time is right- what if the time is “never” right?!

When you look back on your life there is probably something that you wanted to do, but you didn’t. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t happy with where you are now; simply that you had an opportunity that you didn’t take but you wish you did. If you could think of one thing you regret not doing in your past – can you remember the reason you chose not to do it? What made you say no?

A lot of the time we avoid making decisions and avoid making changes, and instead make excuses. Instead of embracing the risk or embracing the changes, we choose to stay within our comfort zone.

What we should really be doing is asking ourselves, “What’s going to happen if I DON’T do this?” (Side note: that awesome suggestion is from Andy Frisella’s Podcast channel MFCEO, the episode “Successful People Think Differently About Risk”. If you need some down-to-earth, head-shaking motivation it’s definitely worth a listen! )

Bottom line: Stop wasting time trying to decide whether you have the time or the resources and start now. If you try something and don’t like it, or it doesn’t work out as you expected, at least you gave it a try and you can look back and not regret trying it. You can tell yourself “I did do it and it just didn’t work out for me.” After all, the biggest regrets in life are the chances we didn’t take.