When you purchase a single class or a class package from Cycle 6 you can take any of the classes we offer. If you’re not sure where to start, or what to expect when you sign up for a class, see below for a list of our classes and their descriptions.

Cycling Classes


45 minutes of high-intensity and low-impact cardio that incorporates different indoor cycling movements and techniques. Except a different RIDE with each instructor that brings their own style and twist.

Some instructors incorporate light hand weights in their RIDE. 

Pedal & Pump

An hour long class where half the class is spent in the saddle, and the remainder of the class will be spent doing different full-body exercises off the bike.

Cycle Beatz

Cycle to the beat of the music in this intense 45-minute indoor cycling class, where different cycling positions and drills are used throughout the class to bring you a fun and exciting workout!

Cycle Surge

45-minutes of high-intensity with a focus on indoor cycling techniques and the power you generate using the resistance on your bike!

Warrior RIDE


Harness your mental strength to achieve your best physical abilities in the saddle, for the ultimate push through this intense 45-minute full-body workout!

RIDE & Grind
When you wake up and work-out before some people even get out of bed in the morning, we like to call that Ride & Grind!
45 minutes of high-intensity and low-impact utilizing different indoor cycling positions and drills to get your day started off right!
Start your week off right by sweating out all those weekend toxins in this 45-minute class.


Group Exercise Classes


H.I.I.T Fit 6

Designed to get your heart rate up, burn fat, and build muscle.

You will use a combination of your body weight and equipment to achieve muscle tone. Different time intervals used in each class will allow you to build your stamina and endurance.

Vinyasa Flow

Creative flow that focuses on the link between movement and breath. In this fun and playful power hour, you can expect traditional poses with a interesting twist that will have you feeling energized and rejuvenated.
Open to all levels. Modifications will be offered to beginners. In addition to asanas (poses), this class will offer opportunities for pranayama and meditation.


Get a low-impact, total-body workout that incorporates the classic ballet barre to achieve a sculpted and toned look. This hour long class is broken up into several segments, where you will use a combination of movements and equipment, to isolate different muscle groups.


Improve your strength and cardio ability with this 45-minute low impact, high-intensity fusion class. Intervals are used throughout the entire class whether you are on the rower or using the TRX suspension trainers for a full body workout!