For the most part we exercise and workout to see results – changes in our bodies, changes in our overall health, and mental changes. We want to know how our workouts are giving us the results that we are looking for. That’s where SpiVi comes in.

This system tracks your performance throughout each indoor cycling class and has the ability to deliver your performance results to your personal account after class.After every class Spivi will send you an email with a breakdown of your performance during class (only if you register for a specific bike before class). You will be able to view your performance over a period of time to see where you improved, and where there is still room for improvement.

Performance analysis

So you have all of these awesome tools to track your performance, but there are so many different metrics, so many percentages, so many numbers – what do they all mean?!

Here is a list to break down the different SpiVi metrics so you can really understand your performance. If you are interested in tracking your performance, continue reading after the metrics breakdown to learn how to book your bike!

Cadence:Commonly referred to as RPMs or revolutions per minute. Your cadence or RPMs is the number of times you will complete a pedal stroke per minute. Basically this is a measure of how fast you are pedaling.

RPMs Spivi

Cadence view on SpiVi MetriX leaderboard.

Distance: Your distance is the accumulated virtual distance you have completed at a given point in time, measured in miles.

Watts: How much work you are outputting – how hard you are pushing – while pedaling with any given resistance. If you are pushing the same RPMs with a higher gear or resistance you will see an increase in your watts because you are doing more work pushing against the heavier resistance.

**Hint: When considering wattage, the more power you generate, the more energy you are using = MORE CALORIES BURNED

Power: How much power you are outputting, produced in watts.

%FTP (Functional Threshold Power): Maximal average you can perform in a 60-minute ride. FTP is measured in watt units, so the %FTP is the watts you produce divided by your personal FTP value.

For %FTP, the stronger you are, the higher your value will be.

Kilojoules (KJ): Measure physical energy expended, not thermal energy expended (Calories measure thermal energy expenditure – see below). Essentially your watts (see power measurements above) converted into energy, and accumulated over the course of the class.

Calories (Kcal): How many calories you’ve burned or the thermal energy you’ve expended.

SpiVi Ecosystem Points (SEP) : This number is made up by SpiVi to measure the personal physical effort level of each individual. SEP doesn’t give an advantage to individuals that show better performance in energy or speed; this number measures the physical effort in a uniform way across a class that is made up of different fitness abilities. It takes into account your gender, age, height, and weight and then computes the points based on your performance metrics for that given ride.

Now that you know what you are looking at on the leaderboard during class you should book your bike, or sign into a bike when you get to class, so you can keep track of your progress. There are several ways to book your bike.

  1. Click on the schedule tab on our website. Click the Sign Up button next to the class you want to attend. Log in to Spivi or create an account by clicking “New Customers Sign Up Here” (this is different than the Login tab on our website. You must create another account but you can use the same username and password). Once you sign in you will see the layout of bikes at Cycle 6 and you can click on the bike you wish to reserve.
  2. Go to Click on the Log In tab. Sign in or create a user account. Type in Cycle 6 to search our studio! Look at our schedule and sign up for the class and the bike you are interested in.
  3. To book a bike when you get to Cycle 6 – Go to our website on your phone when you arrive. Click on the schedule tab and click on the class that you are about to participate in. Once you Sign In to that class it will show you the layout of bikes and you can click on the bike that you are sitting at.