With the first day of Spring only a few weeks away and Daylight Savings this Sunday, a ton of emotions consume us. You could be feeling excitement, being that every day inches closer and closer to warm weather. You could be feeling disappointment, because you are not where you would like to be physically at this time of the year. Regardless of this, we all feel it when we lose an hour of our time and turn the clocks ahead.

This years Spring Solstice or Vernal Equinox comes to us on Monday March 20th. We will slowly start to see signs of spring. Warm days will get longer and cold nights will become a memory. This is such an exciting time as we are finally free of our “cabin fever” and we can start to take our lives outside!

For a moment during the Spring Solstice, day and night become equal. Light and dark are the same, reminding us of balance and how we can take balance into our yoga practice and our everyday life. How do we balance things like career and family life? Self control and self indulgence?  Being active and resting? How many times do we show up to work out before we allow ourselves that cheat meal? This task is never an easy decision.

Helping us to get through the task of balance, is our yoga practice. Having trouble on where to begin? Well how about we look at the task much like we do when our teacher asks us to balance on one leg?

First, we start at the root.

How can we find balance if we are not grounded, right? We must connect to find physical stability.

Second, we grow.

After connecting and finding physical stability, we grow and find a tall line within. Rising up will help us feel light. Imagine the spine lengthening up and hold your head high.

Third, calm the breath.

Oooo sweet pranayama. Deep breaths in and out of the nose. Let the breath guide you through the difficult and ease.

Lastly, steady the mind.

Let go of the mind clutter holding you back!  We all know our minds can play crazy tricks on us, and with balance this is no different. We must free the mind of the “crazy” in order to get the benefits of the calm.

I hope to see all of you beautiful yogis as we celebrate balance at our Spring Cleaning event! Join us on Sunday, March 26th, for a Candlelight Flow from 11-12:15 PM.

As always, the light in me honors the light in you.

Namaste, Nikki