With the holiday’s only a couple of short weeks away, your loved ones are probably looking to get you the perfect gift. If you’re not sure what to ask for, we have the perfect ideas to help you make a gift list that’s everything fitness!

  1. Polar H7 Heart Rate Strap ( Buy on Amazon: http://ow.ly/s3cx305PpLB ) – As one of the most popular heart rate sensor straps on the market this is a great tool to get you to the next level of performance and get the most out of your workouts. With the Polar Beat app and/or our Spivi Performance Data software you can visually monitor where your heart rate is throughout an entire workout. Just when you think you’re working hard in any one of our cycling or HIIT classes, this is a great reality check that you can push harder to start working in an ‘endurance zone’ or a ‘muscle gain zone.’polar-h7
  2. The Louis Garneau Multi Flex Indoor Cycling Shoe- We spoke with the experts from Yorktown Cycles and this was the indoor cycling shoe that they recommend. Here’s why: “…with the fit and feel of high end shoes at an affordable price, these are ideal for spinning, training, and outdoor cycling. We love this shoe for the simple Velcro closures, and the ventilated upper!” If you purchase these shoes at Yorktown Cycles they will be about $100, with an additional cost for the SPD cleats (necessary to clip into our bikes). But you will get 10% off your purchase if you mention Cycle 6 AND free installation for your cleats!                                                                                                             louis-garneau
  3. New Balance Vazee Agility Cross Training Sneakers – If you’re looking for some new sneakers to take your HIIT workouts to another level, consider these! Shape Magazine voted this shoe as the best sneaker to improve plyometrics in 2016, and plyos are the foundation of HIIT! Since the design supports all plyometric movements these sneaks will make burpees for reps much more bearable. The ‘Quix Outsole’ gives traction to the soles of these shoes in different terrain, so they are also practical to wear outside of the gym. You can purchase the New Balance Vazee sneaks online at ‘6pm’ for only $54.99 – http://ow.ly/OoxF306yjIW .                                                                           vazee
  4. Cycle 6 Gift Card – If you’re already set with all the fitness gear you need you can always ask for a Cycle 6 Gift Card. Have your loved ones, and/or friends, give you a gift card that you could use towards your next purchase for a package or a monthly membership! Gift cards could be purchased in the store for a physical copy before or after classes or you can purchase gift cards online at our website: http://ow.ly/Hif4306ykjO

Any of these gifts will amp up your fitness journey and help you achieve the results you work for! Ask us if you have any questions or need opinions on any of our recommendations! Yes, you can even ask us our opinion on what color shoes you should get!