Indoor Cycling

High Intensity Interval Training


We are excited to announce that Cycle 6 will soon be operated under the name Fused Fitness.

Cycle 6 is a boutique indoor cycling and fitness studio centrally located off of Route 6 on Hill Boulevard in Jefferson Valley. At Cycle 6 we realize that there are different pedal strokes for different folks so our classes are geared to help you meet your different goals. While some of our cycling classes are choreographed to keep your mind busy as your body is working, other classes will be more technical with a focus on your metrics to track your progress, and for those that don’t believe a workout is complete without weights – we offer classes with sculpting segments too! If you’re looking for more than a kick-a** ride, stay-tuned as we add a variety of fitness classes to our schedule! Our packages aren’t just for rides, you can book any of the classes we offer. Check out our schedule and class descriptions to see what’s the best fit for you, then book your class with one of our knowledgeable and high-energy instructors.


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